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Adult Chiropractic Package

Chiropractic is more of a lifestyle than any other form of alternative medicine. It involves respecting your body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Patients who only get adjusted when they're in pain, will never receive the true benefits of a Chiropractic lifestyle.This package is discounted for those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By purchasing this package, you receive 12 Chiropractic Adjustments for $336. (Regular adjustments without this package are $35 each.) We encourage all patients to purchase this package for continued care.

Children's Chiropractic Package

Our children are our pride and joy. Let's keep them healthy! They need Chiropractic Care too! This package includes 10 Children's Chiropractic adjustments for $200. (Regular price when not using the discounted package is $25 each.) 10 adjustments for the price of 8!

Chiropractic XYZ Pkg - Save $168 - Buy 12 get 2 FREE

You are looking for a more in-depth encounter with the Doctor. This package was created just for you. ANYONE can purchase this package. Adding to the regular adjustment, clients may receive specialized nutrition, exercise, or de-stressing advice. When certain exacerbations occur, myofascial work will also be performed.
You can use these with the special appointment
"Chiropractic XYZ"